Blind Angler Grill


Two long-time friends, Cherie Bokis and Nancy McDonald along with Nancy’s husband Phil came together to create the Blind Angler Grill. The name Blind Angler comes from a true story about a local Peachland resident Jack Wilson, a settler in Peachland in the 1800’s. He came to Peachland to be a farmer, logger, and trapper. He enlisted in the Army in WWI, where he was injured by mustard gas which turned out to be detrimental in his later years especially with his eyesight. For Jack, his loss of eyesight was not a setback. He continued to do what he loved best, fish on Lake Okanagan in his row boat documenting each and every catch. He soon became “The Blind Angler of Peachland.”


The Blind Angler Grill is located in picturesque Peachland in the heart of the Okanagan Valley. The Blind Angler is one of the only restaurants that is right on Lake Okanagan, which makes for some really spectacular views from the outside deck.

We have been in business for 16 years and have become a favourite place for locals and tourists alike to visit. The menu features Pernod mussels, flash fried calamari, a Big “O” and Cougar Burger which will have you coming back for more.